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Hello! I'm Marissa from Inspired Owl's Corner and I'm excited to join Tara and share my Monday Made It projects with you. Monday Made It couldn't have come along at a better time for me. I have a long to-do list of half-finished projects, and this has given me the motivation to cross off a few of them from my to-do list! 
My first project is my Love Notes binder. My students love to write me notes (I'm sure you can relate), and while I'm thrilled they love writing so much, the pile of notes and drawings they give me can be overwhelming! I pin some of them on the wall behind my desk, but that gets messy and I quickly run out of space for all of their creations. I made a cover, bought a large binder, and placed page protectors inside. Now when students write me notes, I will have a place to keep them. If you want to make your own Love Notes binder, you can download the cover, spine, and some writing pages in the preview of my reading and writing pack HERE.

I've wanted to do a V.I.P. table in my classroom for the longest time! The problem is, my classroom is too small and can barely accommodate my 28 students, let alone an extra table or desk. When I saw the over the chair organizers at The Dollar Tree, I knew my problem was solved!
I made some labels that fit inside ZipLoc sandwich and quart sized bags for markers, colored pencils, highlighters, and crayons. I found the cutest highlighters at Target that are perfect for the V.I.P. Kit, and I added bright mechanical pencils too. I also made bookmarks and badges to go along with the pack. I'm going to add special reading pointers to the kit too. Can you think of anything else I should add? I hope my students love this and work hard to be the V.I.P each day.  If you want to try this idea with your class, you can download the freebie HERE
I recently bought a Cameo because I wanted to make my own planner stickers to customize my LifePlanner. There are so many cute stickers on Etsy, but they can be expensive and not exactly what I need for the way I plan. I love my Erin Condren Teacher Planner, but there are a few pages that go unused each year. I thought I could create some stickers to modify some of the pages of my teacher planner to make them more useful. I know how important it is to keep track of parent contact, but I don't always take the time to jot down every conversation. I decided to make a section for parent contact with the unused pages. Since my planner is always with me, it will be easy to jot down the name, date, and reason for the phone call. 
I don't use an online grade book, so I always order extra check off lists in my planner to keep track of grades and homework. I made labels for each subject that fit perfectly on the pages.
I color code each subject when I write my lesson plans, so I figured color coded subject headers would be useful to add to my planner, so I've added subject sticker headers to my planner.
I made these labels in PowerPoint, and if you want to try them in your planner, I'm sharing them HERE. There are editable and premade stickers in the file. I made a seating chart label for the grid pages too- that picture isn't shown. (I have last year's teacher planner. I always buy my teacher planners when they go on sale in the spring. I've heard the new ones are set up a little differently, so I'm not sure if these stickers will work if you have the brand new planner, but you can try them out.)

That's what I've been up to this week! Next week I hope to have a few more projects and freebies to share, since I still have quite a few that are half-finished! 
Now it's your turn! What projects have you created? Be sure to link up below and share. And if you share on instragram, be sure to use #4thgradefrolics so we can see your creations on there! Thank you for stopping by, and have a great week!



  1. Love the Love Notes Binder! Now that I teach 3rd grade I don't get so many love notes, I received a bunch when I taught 2nd. I also loved your stickers for your Erin Condren, I bought one too for next year and you've given me some great ideas on how to further customize it.

  2. I love your portable VIP kit. Such a great idea! And...using your Cameo to make custom labels for your planner??? Genius!

    Live, Laugh, Love Second

  3. Thanks for the share! I love the Erin Condren stickers. Trying to figure out if I can get my Cricut to cut them out for me.

    1. Hi Pat,
      You are welcome! You may be able to. It's a PDF file though. I haven't quite mastered how to create a cut file to share, so I just made it into a PDF. Let me know if you figure it out! :)

  4. Thanks for the freebies. Keeping my love notes in a binder is an interesting idea. No matter what I put them in, I'll use the cute cover. And I'm hoping your tabs fit in my planner. See you around. Kathleen

  5. Love, love, love my cameo! Your labels look great! I love stickers, but can't ever find what I need either, so It's definitely nice to be able to make your own!

    The Teal Paperclip

  6. How do y'all use your Cameo to make the stickers?? This is a fabulous use I haven't discovered. I make shirts and cup decals and stencils all the time but stickers sounds delightful!

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