I Moved to Middle School!

Holy hot minute!

It has been a LONG time since I've seen this page, and if it wasn't for social media, y'all would probably think I disappeared!  I'm here!

Where's here?  Well, a year and a half ago, after 11 years of teaching elementary school, I moved to middle school.  Has the move been easy?  No....middle school is a whole new world....with big kids...and attitudes...and hormones...lol.  Do I regret the move?  NOPE!  Not at all.  

This will be my second year teaching ELA to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  I have 3 block classes (double periods).  I brought a lot of my elementary background/techniques along with me.  Although I am still trying to get my head above water, I am hoping to share more here about my middle school adventures and some of our activities and lessons.  

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